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Welcome to my webhome.

Although I started this site long ago to share myself with friends, these days the most (and perhaps the only) updated section of this website is the blogs. New pictures would keep trickling in as well.

This site is constantly undergoing changes, major and minor. The current design & layout is its third major overhaul is nearly 3 months! I'd appreciate any comments or feedback you might have.

Why i am here?

In all probability, you have been led to this page by a search engine (viva la Google?), or have been misled by someone into believing that there's a treasure trove of information here, or simply have nothing better to do in office than whiling away time by visiting random strangers' pages!

Now that i am here, ...

... you can start off by reading my web logs (Click "My Weblog" link), or view some of my favourite wallpapers in My Galleries.

I Love India


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